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See how you could save up to 2 hours a day

In any given week, the administrative burden of such routine tasks results in less face-to-face time with clients yet building and maintaining customer relationships is the key differentiator for legal professionals against a sea of automated services.

By letting your voice do the work, routine tasks could be completed up to three times faster than with a keyboard, giving you two hours back a day to focus on your customers. But can speech-to-text software really handle the nuances of your industry?

From Affidavits to
Prima Facie

This software pulls from 1000s of legal terms and adapts to the nuances in your voice for 99% accuracy.

In fact, it’s so accurate that health-care professionals trust it for even the most complex of reports


If you can type it, you can dictate it! Regardless of whether you need to complete a contract or write up client notes, you can do it with Dragon

Make it work
for you

Dragon moulds itself to your voice and can even pick up the tiniest of whispers. So regardless of whether you’re in a busy office or on the go, Dragon will work for you!

Take back control

Take back control and make technology work for you.

With the rise of automation and increasing competition from “born digital” market entrants, maintaining a point of difference has never been more important. This ebook takes a deep look at the challenges facing the legal sector in the coming years and how to stay ahead.

It covers the following key areas:

  • The evolving impact of artificial intelligence
  • The increasing competition of born digital market entrants
  • The ever-changing expectation of customers
  • The firms already adopting new technology
  • What individuals and businesses need to do to stay ahead
Take back control and make technology work for you. Dictate your future with Dragon Professional.